Major Updates Coming to Instagram in Summer 2018

I don’t know about you, but whenever I see an update for an app, I always read a list of
what they are adding and improving. Recently, I’ve seen that many updates have been
for the integration of augmented reality. Of course, Instagram, is one of those apps
taking the first steps towards this new mobile technology. Since Facebook’s failed
attempt to buy Snapchat, they are striving to add to Instagram, what is popular on
Snapchat. First we saw stories, then filters, and now we have augmented effects and
video chat. 

Video calling on Instagram. | Image: Instagram

Video calling on Instagram. | Image: Instagram

 Recently announced at the F8 conference, Facebook’s annual developer conference, was the augmented reality (AR) camera effects that are coming to Instagram. Now you might be thinking, “Hasn’t Instagram had AR filters for a while?” The answer is, yes. However, this is the first time partners are teaming up with Instagram to create unique filters. This is HUGE for brands and public figures to grow their awareness and influence. Brands can now build their own AR filters that will be available for use by their followers. This opens up a whole new way to reach people and creates many opportunities for brands to develop creative ways to reach their desired demographic. Luckily, it  doesn’t end there! Instagram is getting another update, in the form of video chat. 

It seems as though Instagram is making strides toward becoming a full-fledged messaging resource for its users, even more-so with its introduction of video calling. With the new video chat update, you will have the ability to chat with one person or a small group. Instagram has not yet specified how many people can video chat at one time. However, there’s no limit to the length of conversations. So, if your friends are boring you, you will be able to minimize the video screen in the middle of a conversation and continue chatting while scrolling through your feed, watching stories, and getting lost in the new Explore page.

Instagram’s new Explore page. | Image: Instagram

Instagram’s new Explore page. | Image: Instagram

Yes, Instagram is adding a redesigned Explore page! The Explore page has traditionally been a place that compiles posts from people you may know, shows stories from brands you might like , etc. With this new update users will now be able to browse categories such as animals, decor, photography, etc. Underneath of these categories are related hashtags, followed by the actual posts. This newly designed Explore page will make it even easier for you to find more content related to your interests. 

Instagram says video chat and the new Explore page will be available to all users over the coming weeks. 

In the famous words of Billy Mays, “But wait, there’s more!” Instagram is rolling out a new Stories integration with third party apps such as Spotify and GoPro. For example, if you are listening to a song that you want to share with your followers, you just tap the three dots on Spotify to share, send to “Instagram Stories” and post! Unlike simply sharing a screenshot of the song, followers will be able to click within your story and have the option to play that song in Spotify thanks to this new update. GoPro’s Stories integration is very similar, as you can share action shots directly into Stories. Instagram says more apps will be adding this share-to-Stories integration in the near future.

The Spotify integration feature with Instagram. |   Image: Instagram

The Spotify integration feature with Instagram. |  Image: Instagram

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