Mark Zuckerberg Announces Huge Changes for Facebook at F8 Conference

Have you ever came back after a couple days off of social media only to feel like you’ve missed a couple of weeks worth of updates and news? You’re not alone. There is so much going on at every minute of the day that it is easy to feel like you just can’t keep up! This is because social culture and technology work hand in hand. The quicker you learn to adapt these new technologies, the quicker you can cut through the noise of everyone trying to catch up. One of the biggest influencers in Social culture, Facebook, recently announced at its annual developer conference, that many new revisions and updates are coming to the platform. For marketers specifically, some really exciting features are rolling out! Lets take a look. 

You may have heard that after the Cambridge Analytica scandal, Facebook allowed no new Messenger bots to be published to the Messenger platform until they could complete a full review of the platform and make necessary adjustments. But worry not, the ban has been lifted and they are back! Automated Facebook Messenger bots are being used more than ever, with over 300,000 monthly active bots and counting.  

Bots have typically been used between business and customers to help with product recommendations and customer service. But, not only are these Messenger bots back, but Facebook is adding augmented reality to the equation! 

Sometimes you don’t have the time to go out to the car dealership to check out a car, or a makeup store to try on a new product that was just released. Luckily, AR on Messenger will be used to take a closer looks at products such as shoes, makeup, cars, etc. Above, is an example of someone chatting with a Messenger bot, trying on makeup, and purchasing it, all inside Facebook Messenger. For marketers this is very exciting because you can incorporate these new AR features on Messenger with Click-to-Messenger ads. This will take a person directly from an ad to an AR experience — a new way that businesses can market to users.

AR in Messenger | Facebook

AR in Messenger | Facebook

It doesn’t end there. Facebook also announced that users will be able to post 3D photos to their News Feed. Though there is little knowledge on how this new feature will work, the 3D Photos function is set to hit the platform this summer. What we do know, is that these images can be captured using a smartphone, and when moving the smartphone from side to side, the images will have a more three-dimensional look. Facebook already supports 360-degree video, but this new 3D Photo feature will allow more ways to interact with consumers.

VR Memories | Facebook

VR Memories | Facebook

 Similar to the 3D Photos is a new feature called “VR Memories.” Since Facebook bought Oculus, one of the leading VR companies, it’s been investing heavily in virtual reality. This new feature allows users to interact with their old 2D photos and videos in a virtual, 3D environment. Think of this feature as a Facebook album coming to life. As of right now, that is about all we know.

A social media platform is to create a place for people to be, well… more social! Having this in mind, the company announced that it is getting into the dating game. With more than 2.2 billion monthly users, Zuckerberg hopes that users will connect and find “real, long-term relationships.” Their aim is to be more community-focused. To do so, Facebook will be using its social graph and integrations for the events and groups users are a part, to identify potential matches. This feature will be within the main Facebook app, but will be completely optional.

If you couldn’t already tell, things are rapidly changing. It is more crucial than ever to stay ahead! Make sure to follow @ScottShares to stay up to date on all the new developments to come.

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