Instagram's New Polling Option - The Emoji Slider

    If you’ve been meaning to ask your friends just how heart-eyes emoji your new summer button - down is, you’re in luck. Instagram has just introduced the “Emoji Slider.” This is a new audience feedback tool that polls the viewers of your story. With a rating scale, using any emoji that you choose, your followers can slide the bar to the left and right to vote on just how much something is, or isn’t. Similar to the original poll feature in the ability to see your viewers answers, you will be able to tell exactly how far someone moved the slider in response to your question. Instagram says the emoji slider came to exist because of the popularity of the poll feature. But nobody is always fully one thing or another so the emoji slider was born!

If you’re into this new idea and want to try it out yourself — follow these five steps:

1. Select or take your picture
2. Open the sticker menu
3. Select the Emoji Slider
4. Write you question and select your desired emoji
5. Reposition and post to your story!

Emoji Slider pic.png