Storeo: The New Tool That Let's You Post Stories Longer Than 15 Secs

Stories have become the best way to reach people on Instagram and Facebook. The only major drawback is your videos can't be longer than 15 secs. Not everyone has the software or time to edit their videos into continuous 15 sec mini clips. Enter, Storeo, the new #1 iOS app for converting ANY length video into perfect 15 second clips! 

Featured by Buffer, Later, and SocialMediaExaminer, Storeo is used by thousands of content creators from entrepreneurs, celebrities, marketers to teachers.  Storeo’s main purpose is to slice a video into 15 second slices for uploading to Instagram. Viewers see one long video. You no longer have to worry about the 15 second timer and you can focus on what you have to say. Storeo seamlessly connects video slices into one long story/video on your Instagram or Facebook account.


Storeo is perfect for anyone who wants to master their story “game.”  Pre-recording your story can be all the difference in quality from mediocrity.  With longer videos on Instagram and Facebook stories, your followers will get hooked and watch your full length story.  Stories are becoming popular on all different social channels because they increase your visibility tremendously. Whenever you post a story to Instagram, your profile automatically appears at the top of the screen, giving you a higher chance to be seen.  This ultimately is why you need to start focusing on what Instagram story content you are putting out.

With Storeo you can:

  • Seamlessly tell an Instagram or Facebook story longer than 15 seconds.

  • Shoot a long video without holding the record button.

  • Make a selfie video that’s not a mirror image (so we can read your shirt!)

  • Create Instagram AND Facebook stories from one single video.  

  • Convert pre-edited videos into stories.

Having high quality stories on Instagram and Facebook will yield a higher engagement rate from your followers and prospective followers.  Stories are featured on the Instagram Explore page and Instagram optimized the explore page to promote viral video content, so make sure you are using Storeo for all your story needs.  

One down side of Storeo is that it leaves a watermark on your video if you use the free version of the app. The upgraded version of the app cost $9.99 and permanently removes the watermark from your video content.  

Storeo has over 7,000 monthly active users and over one hundred 5 star reviews.  Storeo has been used by thousands of people and here’s what some users had to say:  

"Works like a dream!" -Zack

"My followers are going crazy over my seamless Instagram stories. You will not regret trying it out." -Jason

"By far the easiest and most efficient way to create seamless, long-length stories on Instagram. If you want to "up your story game" give Storeo a try." -Kyle

"This app is a game changer for seamless videos in your stories! Simple and easy to use. Must have app!" -Mark